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How Subscriptions Work

With Subscriptions, customers can make recurring payments for access to your product or services.

Support any payment model


Usage-based and Per-Seat Subscriptions will be available in Q1 2023. Sign up for early access here.


Suberra handles three kinds of subscription payments:

Access to all kinds of features for a single monthly or annual price. Suitable for most research platforms, entertainment tools, and software services for individuals.

Subscription Lifecycle



Subscription renewals are handled automatically by Suberra. Suberra currently uses Gelato to automate on-chain recurring subscriptions. Here's what happens during renewal.

  1. When the product is due for renewal, we attempt a charge on the time that the product expire.
  2. If the charge is successful, the product is renewed for another period. The customer's product subscription is extended for another billing cycle and service continues as usual without interruption.

If the charge is unsuccessful:

  1. If the product has grace period, customer's subscription will fall within the grace period. Most businesses will continue to give users access to the product while sending reminders to the customer to ensure that their account is funded before the next payment retry.
  2. If the product does not have grace period, the product will be suspended. The customer will not be able to access the product. Once cancelled, customer would have to resubscribe to get access to the product again.

Grace Period

Grace Period can be set by the business. By default, we configure a 7 days grace period for each monthly product subscription. During these 7 days grace period, customers can still access to the product while Suberra attempts to retry the charges. Suberra's smart payment retries first check if the user has sufficient token balance on-chain before attempting a charge. We attempt the charges frequently over the grace period.

During each charge failure attempt, Suberra can execute custom actions such as sending emails to customer to remind them to ensure that their account is funded if they wish to access the product. Suberra can also send out custom webhooks to the business for them to follow-up by themselves.