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Access Control

For most subscriptions services, projects might want to restrict access to only some paid users. This is where Access Control comes in. Access Control allows you to restrict access to your content based on the user's subscription status.

Suberra can integrate with your existing apps and website.

Generally, this is how it works.

Websites can use their existing membership database or auth services such as Firebase or Supabase to continue enforcing memberships while collecting subscriptions payment using Suberra.

Subscriptions NFT (Coming Soon)


We are working on beta trials with merchants who are keen on using Subscriptions NFT to gate access to platform. If you are keen to join the trial, please email us at

Suberra also allows you to create a NFT that represents your subscription. This NFT can be used to prove that the user has a valid subscription. This NFT can be used to access your content or to prove that the user has a valid subscription.

Subscriptions NFT is a new and experimental concept. They differ from most NFTs today as they have a time expiry. The Subscriptions NFT will only be valid for a period of time (e.g. 30 days), and can be extended if some actions are performed (e.g. renew subscriptions). Rules can be written depending on the validity of the NFT, such as giving access to a content only if the user has a valid subscription.

These are the features of a Subscriptions NFT:

  • Time-expiration
  • Customisable branding of the Subscription Pass
  • Ability to restrict transfers
  • Displayed on popular portfolio managers such as Nansen, Zapper and Zerion
  • Backward compatibility with any apps that supports ERC-721 standards
  • (Only when tradable) Tradable on Opensea and other NFT marketplaces

Access Control with Subscriptions NFT

By using Subscriptions NFT, the on-chain state will be a replacement for your authentication services. Apps can query the on-chain subscriptions NFT to check if a user have a valid subscriptions to the platform.

You can use the following to access control via Subscriptions NFT:

  • Suberra SDK
  • Connect wtih Discord, Telegram and more platforms
  • Direct Query: Query the blockchain directly given a subscriptions NFT address just like how you would query a ERC-721 token