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What is Suberra

Suberra is a full-stack payments gateway that allows businesses to accept payments from anywhere for anything.


Suberra is non-custodial. The payer and the payee have control over the funds at any point of time. We do not store the funds on behalf or the user and merchant, nor have any lock up of the funds on the smart contracts.

Gasless Transactions

Transactions on Suberra are gasless, and your customers do not have to pay gas fees to approve, pay or subscribe to a merchant on Suberra Network.

Gasless transactions (meta transactions) are transactions in which the gas cost is abstracted and paid by Suberra, rather than by the customer. Gasless transactions help to provide a smoother experience for customers and enable them to make payments easier without having to bridge or set aside gas tokens (ETH, MATIC, etc) manually.

Gasless transactions will be available for $USDC on Polygon, Avalanche and Arbitrum network initially. Not all tokens will have gasless transactions. Gasless transactions rely on the ERC20 permit extensions (defined in EIP-2612), it is only available on ERC20 tokens that support the standard.

Support for more than 100 wallets

Suberra's hosted checkout page also supports all wallets whether they are web, injected, smart contract, hardware, mobile, desktop or others. We integrate with to ensure the most seamless experience for customers who are trying to pay for your products.

Discounts & Trials

You can add discounts in Suberra to reduce the amount charged to users for both one-time payments and recurring subscriptions. You can:

  • Add discounts to reduce total price by a fixed amount or by percentage
  • Add expirations to your Discount codes
  • Set a maximum redemption quantity for discounts

Automatic Payments for Subscriptions

Suberra handles the automatic deduction and retries of subscription payments. Our automation engine charges customers on-time, every time, and automatically retries failed payments. We also handle the automatic cancellation of subscriptions when a customer's payment method fails.

Wallet Compliance (Coming Soon)

Suberra's hosted checkout page automatically block risky wallets by screening wallet against Chainalysis' US OFAC sanction list. This is to ensure that your business is not exposed to any risk of being associated with sanctioned entities. This feature is enabled by default, but can be switched off anytime.