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How to Create a Subscription Payment Link

Customize your very own payment page with Suberra's subscription pamyent link. You will be able to generate, edit as many links as you require.

  1. Simply select Payment Links on the left menu, and click on the + button to create a new subscription payment link.
  1. Complete your subscription details:
    • Upload your logo, make sure it is square. Do ensure your logo or image file is smaller than 10mb.
    • Enter your subscription name and description.
    • Key in your subscription price, and select the frequency of payment.
    • Click on "create subscription" and you are all set!

You can further customize the checkout experience by selecting the advanced controls to control the success message and redirect URL upon successful payment.

  1. Share the payment link generated with your customers! Your customers will enjoy fuss-free payment experience, with recurring payments!